To NEG or not to NEG? Will a leader please stand up?

Some thoughts on the Australian crisis.

As long as the Turnbull Government keeps trying to have a-bob-each-way on climate change, our economy will continue to be cruelled and our politics broken.

The NEG in its original form is either imperative to saving the planet or it is not.

If the Government thinks human-induced carbon dioxide emissions are endangering the planet it should drop the pretence that low emissions, low electricity bills and reliable power supply are compatible. Just tell us to take our medicine for the good of the planet.

At least Labor’s policy is clear even though it denies it will hurt.

Both parties are hypocritical about relying on record coal export royalties to fund their programs.

That Labor and the Coalition are happy for our coal to be shipped and burned overseas but just not in new power stations here should be a collective ‘what the …….’ moment.

If coal is killing the planet, shut the mines and forgo the cash.

You have to admire the Greens. At least they are principled and consistent.

They can’t tell us how they will keep the lights on and deal with massive unemployment after they shut the coal industry. But everything looks fine from within the goat cheese circle.

If the Government really believed its Paris rhetoric, it would just get real and switch to a zero emissions nuclear economy. We could lead the world in clean energy and we would benefit economically from uranium exports.

The fact that the Coalition supports the ban on this even being explored should make every Australian suspicious of the green-left economic path we are on.

Is it about climate or is it about some other grand green socialist agenda? And why is the Coalition in on this?

Because after curtailing electricity, climate ideology is coming to cull the flatulating national cattle herd and the sheep flock.

Where is this all going to end?

If we keep feeding the green crocodile it will eventually eat us.

Appeasing the Greens and Labor is not the way to achieve lower electricity bills and reliability of supply for job-creating industries.

No one on the planet is trying to do what we are. China, India and America are not playing. Britain’s renewables are backed up by nuclear across the Channel.

Unless the Coalition as a group unit are prepared to confront these truths with conviction like Andrew Hastie did this week, their leadership woes will continue.

They should drop their mind-bogglingly complicated NEG, drop the subsidies for unreliable power and let the market determine the most cost-effective and reliable energy solutions.

As Cory Bernardi has repeatedly argued, the Commonwealth could bundle the half a billion dollars a year it spends on electricity and offer this to the energy provider able to build the most cost-effective baseload power.

That would inject reliability, averting the risk of summer blackouts and electricity rationing for job-sustaining industry.

Instead of playing political power games which skirt around the substantive issues, someone needs to stand up and argue the evidence with conviction.

But while ever the Coalition halts between two opinions, our nation suffers. There needs to be a contest of ideas and policy needs to be settled. This has been a lost decade.

Saying the emperor has no clothes will take courage.

Until that happens, Australians will continue to wake up to leadership and climate groundhog days.

Before long the current trajectory will gift government to Labor and the Greens. Then it will be lights out.