Why some Liberals want to cancel Christian social views

Why some Liberals want to cancel Christian social views

“Perrottet’s social views won’t dictate legislation: NSW Attorney-General”, was the headline in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Are voters supposed to feel relieved by this?

Why do we never see the headline: “Alex Greenwich’s social views won’t dictate legislation” as the radical left’s member for Sydney leads the Liberals and the Nationals down the path of abortion and euthanasia?

Radical left social policy is okay, but Christian conservative is not. Apparently.

Liberal Attorney General Mark Speakman was asked about new Premier Dominic Perrottet’s “conservative Christian” social views during an appearance on Sunrise this morning.

Speakman’s response is what generated the SMH headline.

The question was most likely prompted by a leaked comment on a Liberals phone hook-up where Speakman is alleged to have said Perrottet would be the most conservative premier since World War II.

So what?

It’s the radical left’s “moderate” social policy that has dictated genderfluid indoctrination of children at school against the wishes of the mainstream.

Perrottet is pro-life and so are millions of Australians. Polling shows a majority oppose late term abortion and sex-selection abortion, both supported by “moderate” Liberals like Speakman.

Speakman should be asked why his pro-death social views have been allowed to dictate legislation but the media are blinded by their hypocrisy.

Perrottet is for traditional marriage and models this in his family life. Western Sydney backs him, voting against redefining it during the same-sex marriage plebiscite in 2017.

Yet the ABC invite feminist Jane Caro on to say that Perrottet’s premiership will be a problem for women.


We have several Muslim MPs in Australian politics but they are never asked to explain Islam’s treatment of women.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “But Mr Speakman says the Premier’s personal views won’t dictate future legislation”.

But who is dictating what?

Speakman voted for abortion-to-birth. He supports using poison to kill patients as part of end of life “health care”.

Yet the implication is that Perrottet’s pro-baby and pro-palliative care views are somehow illegitimate and should not be allowed to “dictate legislation”.

It’s time these double standards in the Liberal Party and in the media were called out.

No one’s social views should be allowed to “dictate legislation”. That goes for the so-called “moderates’” social views.

Parliament is about a contest for ideas and Christians and conservatives should be allowed to have their views debated alongside all others without the implication that there is something illegitimate about their contribution.

The “moderate” Liberals simply want to cancel social views they don’t like, especially if they are Christian.

This is why we need strong Christian voices in Parliament. It’s why political movements like the Christian Democratic Party are necessary.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.