A “woman” can have a penis, says Australian Academy of Science

A “woman” can have a penis, says Australian Academy of Science

You can’t make this stuff up.

When Australians agreed to change the definition of marriage they probably didn’t think a change to the definition of woman would follow.

But rainbow politics is relentless.

If you don’t read The Australian or watch Sky News, you might have missed this.

Like coronavirus, rainbow gender fluid theory has jumped from our "Safe Schools" to the once respected Australian Academy of Science which inhabits Canberra's iconic Shine Dome.

The academy has decreed that a woman is “anyone who identifies as a woman”.

I kid you not.

If you thought a woman had a vagina, breasts and XX chromosomes, think again.

Someone with a penis, normally referred to as a man, whose “personal gender identity does not correspond with sex assigned at birth” can be a woman our scientists now tell us.

Apparently, we’ve been wrongly “assigning” babies their gender just because they were born with certain biological physical features.


It gets worse. This new definition of woman appears as part of the noble push to get more women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

It is contained in the glossary on page 58 of the academy’s Women in STEM Decadal Plan.

It goes without saying that in today’s PC rainbow fascist world you are a bigot if you disagree.

For the record, the glossary was silent on the definition of man.

It’s almost like the Women in STEM Decadal Plan is tailor-made for mediocre male scientists who might be looking for a career leg up by changing their gender identity.

Heck, they wouldn’t even have to have surgery or take oestrogen.

Like women and girls striving to compete with biological men under transgender guidelines released by Sports Minister Rickard Colbeck last year, women scientists seeking to get ahead in STEM now may also have to make way for biological males.

As Bernard Lane, who broke the story pointed out, the academy’s president John Shine is using the current Covid-19 crisis to campaign for accurate science against “made-up stuff”.


Evolutionary biologist Madeleine Beekman, a professor at the University of Sydney, said the academy had departed from biological fact.

“I find it very surprising that it comes from the academy of science, which should be based on science and not on some social, political agenda — so, I’m shocked, actually,” she told The Australian.

As Lane also pointed out, the Women in STEM Decadal Plan is paid for by the taxpayer. That’s you and me, folks.

Why the gender whisperers are running amok in our schools, sporting clubs and in our scientific institutions on the watch of a Liberals and Nationals government is mystifying.

If courage does not exist to take on this foolish and harmful ideology now, when will it?

LNP parliamentarians like Senator Amanda Stoker from Queensland are trying, but it is a measure of the power of the rainbow political lobby that so little progress is being made seven years since the Coalition was elected.

Gender dysphoria is real but so is anorexia. Both afflictions involve people thinking something about themselves that is not real.

The last thing women need is for politicians and now scientists to buy into a world that is not real.