Australia needs leadership, just don’t expect it this election

Australia needs leadership, just don’t expect it this election

Morrison and Albanese will spend the next six weeks in lock-step protecting woke policies which conform to the globalist social and climate policy agenda while making the election campaign a personality contest.

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese today laid out what they think the May 21 election is about.

Both miss the real issues confronting Australia, to which I’ll come.

Both are making the contest about leadership – as if the Prime Ministership was a personality contest. Morrison claims he has experience and that Albanese is a risk. Albanese claims Morrison’s character is wanting and that he has fresh vision for the future.

But many commentators rightly observe that the policy differences between the Liberal-National Coalition and Labor (doubtless heavily influenced by the Greens) are minimal.

On climate they are both signed up to the economy-damaging net zero policy, both claim they will not increase taxes, both say they will strengthen our defence forces and both say they can deal with our eye-watering debt over time by growing the economy.

Labor is promising free stuff like free TAFE, cheaper hospitals, more money for aged care and cheaper electricity.

These are all great ideas but it is not clear how they can be paid for without raising taxes or cutting services elsewhere.

The issues facing Australia are eerily similar to what they were at the 2019 election when I was campaigning as a Senate candidate with Cory Bernardi’s now defunct Australian Conservatives.

Only now all the problems we identified have become greater.

In 2019 we campaigned to fix Australia’s looming energy crisis, debt crisis and freedoms crisis.

Despite Morrison presenting as a conservative after toppling Malcolm Turnbull, the can has only been kicked down the road on all three.

The continued reckless closure of coal-fired power stations without replacing their generating capacity with like is edging us closer to an expensive energy crisis.

The prolonged over-reaction to the Covid pandemic has pushed our debt beyond $1 trillion with the government hand-outs throwing petrol on the fire of inflation, putting pressure on interest rates.

The word “woke” is now part of the vernacular as crazy ideology is restricting freedom of speech and religion, with many of us now being dragged before the courts.

Christian and Muslim schools are under the most pressure with neither side of politics willing to help them, such is the power of the LGBTIQA+ lobby which demands they surrender their religious diversity for rainbow conformity.

Neither party will amend section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act or over-ride the equivalent anti-free speech sections of state anti-discrimination laws.

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion should be front and centre of this campaign. A free country like Australia should never have drifted away from such principles but the long march of the cultural Marxists has been very successful.

In terms of the biggest social justice issue facing our nation, the killing of the unborn, both major parties and virtually all the minor parties (Australian Christians in Western Australia being the exception) support the status quo of taxpayer-funded abortion-to-birth.

Both major parties talk a big game on cost-of-living pressures on families, but neither will end the financial penalties against families who choose to care for their children at home.

Both parties talk a big game on violence against women but neither has a strategy to deal with one of its root causes, pornography.

To its credit the Morrison government did have a crack at reforming the woke national school curriculum which teaches children their gender is fluid and that Australia had an illegitimate and racist settlement, but the advocacy work and cleaning out of the bureaucracy needed has not even begun.

It has been too little too late and our kids are being brainwashed into hating Australia, something that should have been addressed much earlier in what has been nine years of a supposedly conservative government.

LGBTIQA+ wokeness is so laced through the government that Dr Brendan Murphy, the Secretary of the Department of Health, last week could not give a definition of woman when asked.

“I’ll have to take that on notice,” Senator, he said in response to a question from Senator Alex Antic.

The Morrison government has not even had the will or courage to rescind transgender guidelines for girls’ and women’s sport launched in 2019 by its hapless sports minister Senator Richard Colbeck.

Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler is courageously promoting a private Senator’s bill to save women’s sport from the intrusion of biological males but anyone who knows anything about politics knows that unless Scott Morrison makes it a government bill it will go no-where.

His support for Chandler’s bill is disingenuous.

Morrison and Albanese will spend the next six weeks in lock-step protecting woke policies which conform to the globalist social and climate policy agenda while making the election campaign a personality contest.

The real contest for ideas about freedom, the rights of the unborn, how to strengthen families, lowering the debt and how to build a strong economy that has energy security at the heart of it, will go undebated.

Our nation is on the wrong track.

Establishment politicians are on a unity ticket on climate alarmism and wokeness. There are few dissenting voices. Few have courage to do what they know in their gut is right. The perks of office are not worth sacrificing.

Fringe parties will provide a modicum of dissent which is useful but in my humble opinion, Clive Palmer and Pauline Hansen (as much as I admire their willingness to take on the establishment) don’t have the answers or the strength of character to lead us out of the mess.

The Liberal Democrats led by former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman will push libertarian social policy like euthanasia.

The election will be framed as a leadership contest between Morrison and Albanese.

This will be a mirage because no one is offering the leadership our nation needs.

Several commentators have said this will be a 'Seinfeld election' – styled after the 1990s sit com which was funny because it was about nothing.

But there’s nothing funny about the state of our nation.

Let’s be praying.

The leadership we need will emerge in time, just don’t expect it during the next six weeks.

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