Cancel Facebook, not free speech

Cancel Facebook, not free speech

Freedom of speech is a precious human right.

Facebook’s virtual monopoly status means it should be required to allow free speech or be banned from operating in Australia.

Facebook is in effect a public information utility relied upon by millions of Australians.

It should not be allowed to interfere with lawful speech in this country.

If the Morrison government can require Facebook to pay for news content, surely it can require Facebook to allow free speech.

By virtue of its market power, Facebook has a responsibility to act in the public interest and it should not be allowed to censor public debate.

It is chilling that an elected member of the Australian Parliament, Craig Kelly, has had his account suspended, not for inciting hate or violence, but simply for providing information.

The veracity of his posts should be debated, not cancelled.

Cancelling people with whom we disagree is un-Australian.

Freedom of political debate is one of the most precious human rights there is and big tech oligarchs should not be allowed to crush this.

Facebook claims Kelly was spreading “misinformation” but doesn’t say what that is or if Kelly has breached any laws.

Kelly is not the only one subject to censorship from the big tech oligarchs. Christians and conservatives are tired of having their posts censored by YouTube and Facebook alike.

I had the February 17 edition of my YouTube show, The Lyle Shelton Show, censored.

I can only assume it is because I provided analysis of what then US Vice-President Mike Pence referred to as “irregularities” and alleged “illegality” in the conduct of the November 3 Presidential election.

Thankfully the audio podcast remains live on Soundcloud. I’d challenge anyone to listen to it and point out why it should be censored.