Citipointe attacked again for being Christian

Citipointe attacked again for being Christian

The silence of Christian leaders only empowers political activists seeking to muzzle the Gospel.

Citipointe Christian College was again attacked in the media this week for being Christian.

A lawyer for the taxpayer-funded LGBTI Legal Service*, Matilda Alexander, told the Guardian Australia that the school’s Christian staff employment contract was probably unlawful.

“My legal opinion is that this contract is likely to be found unlawful under Queensland anti-discrimination laws,” she said.

The contract, now under review, required staff to sign on to upholding Biblical standards when it came to sexual morality.

This should be uncontroversial as it is hardly news that Christians for two millennia have held to the Biblical view that sex is for monogamous heterosexual marriage.

Parents sending their children to a Christian school expect the school authorities to ensure all staff are in line with Christian teaching, even if it is counter-cultural.

Interestingly, social science affirms this as the best for human flourishing and that it is particularly good for children to grow up with their married biological parents, wherever possible.

But Citipointe’s Christian staff contract was slammed in several media reports as being “anti-gay”.

The media are not interested in the Christian pro-family, pro-child world view.

Sadly it seems like the school, fresh from withdrawing its Christian enrolment policy after a similar furore in January, has again backed down.

The staff contract, which referenced Citipointe’s statement of faith, “will be replaced by a revised version with no references to sexuality and gender identity,” the school said in a media statement.

Why a Christian school would agree to withdrawing references to the Christian view of sexuality and the science on gender is difficult to understand.

One can only assume the board and management feel like they have been beaten into submission and have no other choice but to compromise.

Every Christian school and Christian leader should be speaking publicly in defence of the freedom of Christian schools and organisations to be Christian.

Instead, there has been silence, which only empowers the activists, many of whom like Alexander are taxpayer-funded.

The intolerant LGBTIQA+ political movement and its unthinking cheerleaders in the mainstream media are determined to drive a cultural conformity that forbids parents to have the choice to educate their children in a Christian environment.

They want to criminalise Christianity and are will on the way.

If we don’t fight for freedom now, it will be lost.

*The taxpayer-funded LGBTI Legal Service is representing two drag queens who are suing me for saying they are dangerous role models for children. My legal defence, which has been crowd-funded by generous supporters worried about free speech in Australia, has so far cost $100,000. My lawyers, the Human Rights Law Alliance, receive no taxpayer funding. My case has dragged on for two years and there is no end in sight as the process is part of the punishment.

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