Does “gender equality” mean Laurel Hubbard can carry the NZ flag?

Does “gender equality” mean Laurel Hubbard can carry the NZ flag?

For the first time a man and a woman will each carry their nation’s flags at an Olympic games opening ceremony.

Tokyo will end the practice of each nation having just one flag bearer.

But the move for “gender equality” raises the question about transgender athletes.

New Zealand has controversially elbowed out an eligible woman and selected a 43-year-old biological male to compete in the women’s weightlifting.

Is it now “bigotry” for New Zealand to overlook Laurel Hubbard to fill the female flag-bearing position?

If this LGBTIQA+ politically-driven gender-fluid madness continues, that will become a question in the probably not too distant future.

The Christian Democratic Party is pushing to safeguard girls’ and women’s sport from becoming meaningless by the “inclusion” of biological men who think they are women and demand to be treated as such.

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