Florida protects children from LGBTIQA+ indoctrination

Florida protects children from LGBTIQA+ indoctrination

Disney becomes the enemy of parents.

Parents in Florida no longer need fear school officials secretly transitioning their children’s gender thanks to protections passed by the state legislature.

The law was signed this week by the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who is now being demonised by LGBTIQA+ political activists, Disney corporation, mainstream media and Joe Biden.

Speaking at the ceremony to sign the bill, mother January Littlejohn told of how her daughter was secretly led by her school to change her gender.

“In September of 2020 my daughter told me after school that she had had a meeting with school officials that was held behind closed doors where they asked her which restroom she wanted to use.

“I immediately contacted the school and was told by the guidance counsellor and assistant principal that I could not be given any information regarding the meeting and that by law my daughter had to be the one to authorise my notification of the meeting or attendance to the meeting.

“In other words school officials asked my 13 year old child her permission as to whether or not my parental rights would be honoured.

“After many weeks of going back and forward with the district we learned the middle school had created a transgender non-conforming support plan with our 13-year-old daughter without our knowledge or consent.

“The plan directed that my daughter’s birth name be used with speaking to us her parents and to use a different name in school with teachers, staff and students

“It sent the message that she needed to be protected from us, not by us.

“Unfortunately, what has happened to us is not an isolated incident.”

Most of the mainstream media coverage of the signing ceremony censored this mother’s comments, labelling the bill as  “homophobic”, “transphobic” and a “don’t say gay” bill designed to hurt LGBTIQA+ people.

MSNBC, one of the big media networks in the US, said the bill meant “homophobic, transphobic lies are now the basis for Florida law”.

Nothing of course could be further from the truth as the media cements its status not only as fake news but as perniciously at war with mainstream parents.

Here’s how Governor DeSantis described what the Parental Rights in Education bill actually does.

It "prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade and prohibits instruction that is not age appropriate for students and requires school districts to adopt procedures for notifying parents if there is a change in services from the school regarding a child’s mental, emotional or physical health or well-being".

This means children under nine cannot be taught sexual concepts at school or that gender is fluid.

It means that parents of children of any age must be notified if their child is accessing services at school that affirm an attempt to change their gender, something which can put them on a path to experimental treatments with irreversible side-effects.

The media and Hollywood have been in meltdown all week.

Joe Biden said the bill was “hateful”. It would be interesting to know if Anthony Albanese agrees with his US political fellow-traveller.

The Walt Disney Company, which owns among other things Disney World in Florida, has vowed to fund organisations working to repeal the legislation and take away parents’ rights not to have their children indoctrinated in harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology.

Leaked internal video of Disney executives emerged today of them discussing how to further indoctrinate children into rainbow sexuality and gender fluid ideology.

Here’s how the Australian reported it:

Entertainment giant Disney is facing a popular backlash after leaked videos of internal meetings revealed plans to make half of its characters identify as a racial minority or ‘LGBT’ by the end of the year as part of a comprehensive new “queer agenda”.
The company, which owns the rights to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, has dumped “ladies and gentlemen” as a greeting to avoid offending transgender children and set up a “tracker” to ensure it was creating enough “gender nonconforming” and “canonical trans characters”.
“I‘m here as the mother of two queer children, actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader,” declared Karey Burke, president of Disney’s general entertainment content, to a recent “town hall” virtual meeting of Disney staff, extolling a push for greater LGBTIQ representation.

DeSantis, who hopefully will run for US President in 2024, hit back saying Disney does not run his state.

With Australian schools laced with LGBTIQA+ gender fluid indoctrination, we need politicians with the courage of a Ron DeSantis.

During the 2017 marriage campaign, the Coalition for Marriage warned that parents' rights would be eroded if marriage was de-gendered.

None of us thought it would happen so quickly.

Thankfully Florida is leading the world in pushing back.

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