Give the money to drought & flood-affected farmers, not futile climate gestures

We have to set our nation and our economy free from climate ideology.

So-called “climate action” money announced today will have zero impact on the temperature of the planet and would be better spent on drought and flood relief.

Scott Morrison’s plan to spend another $2 billion of taxpayers’ money on futile climate gestures was misdirected.

If Australia has $2 billion of borrowed money to spend, it should allocate that to struggling farmers suffering from drought and flood.

We know that even a 100 per cent cut in emissions from Australia would make virtually no difference to the temperature of the planet so why do we keep spending borrowed money on trying to reduce carbon dioxide?

The green-left will never be satisfied until there are no coal jobs, no beef industry and no baseload electricity.

When do we stop pouring taxpayers’ money into the climate black hole?

Scott Morrison is simply feeding an insatiable beast with our money and unless he is willing to show strength, he will not be allowed to stop until Australia is de-industrialised and de-populated.

Unless politicians are prepared to tell the truth in public about the futility of ‘climate action’, people in inner city electorates will continue to be brainwashed by the green-left into thinking there is something we can do.