Help defend freedom of speech

Help defend freedom of speech

Taxpayer-funded litigation has been launched against me to shut down everyone's free speech.

It’s now official.

I was advised this week that two LGBTIQA+ drag queens are taking me to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

QCAT is a quasi-court with the power to fine me.


I had hoped the LGBTIQA+ activists might drop their action after conciliation failed in the Queensland Human Rights Commission two weeks ago.

But sadly they are determined not to debate but to litigate.

They are cashed-up with taxpayers’ money in their war chest. The LGBT Legal Service, which is representing my accusers, received $400,000 from the pockets of Queensland taxpayers over the past three financial years (see page 12 of their annual report).

My lawyers, the Human Rights Law Alliance, receive no public money and I am having to crowd fund my legal defence.

I’m advised the QCAT process could cost between $60,000 to $100,000.

My “crime” was to write a blog in January asserting that drag queens are dangerous role models for children.

I stand by that post and will not be removing it. I believe in free speech and the right to speak up for protecting the innocence of children.

Nothing I said in that post was unreasonable but no reasoned rebuttal has been made. LGBTIQA+ activists don’t need to debate, our politicians have given them the privileged position of being able to launch litigation instead.

The discussion is over.

What I respectfully submitted at the QHRC conciliation was completely ignored.

Sadly, our anti-discrimination laws are rigged against free speech, allowing offended parties to conflate reasonable debate with subjective words written into law, like “vilify”. The purpose is to shut down debate.

Mine is a freedom of speech case which affects every Australian who thought this basic human right was already enshrined in our nation.

And if we can’t speak up for the innocence of children, what sort of a society have we become?

Sadly free speech has been undermined by years of political activism by rainbow radicals who do not share mainstream views about freedom, tolerance and diversity of opinion.

How our nation came to this is beyond comprehension.

Australians thought the same-sex marriage debate was about “love is love”. If only it was. As we said during the 2017 marriage plebiscite, Australia was in reality voting in a referendum on the future of freedom of speech and radical LGBTIQA+ indoctrination of children.

The day will come when Australians wake up and realise they were used to further much more radical agendas.

It is now over to politicians to de-fang anti-discrimination laws and abolish so-called human rights commissions so free speech and common sense can be restored.

In the meantime, if you can help by donating to my legal defence, my family and I would be grateful.