Greens break the law for climate, uphold it to kill babies

George Orwell predicted this.

The hypocritical Greens are at it again.

When it comes to protesting, there is one rule for their causes and another for unborn babies.

This week one of Queensland’s highest profile Greens politicians, Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri, was fined $2000 by a Council review panel for abusing the Queensland police on Facebook.

Now I actually agree with Sri that he should not be fined for speaking his mind, as much as I think he is wrong for labelling the police “violent and racist”. They are not and he should apologise. But he should not be fined for exercising free speech on Facebook.

That’s the sort of thing that happens to politicians in tin pot dictator Frank Bainimarama’s Fiji.

Sri posted the comments after police took action to remove Extinction Rebellion protestors who were protesting illegally by blocking traffic.

And last year he allowed the anarchist group to use his ratepayer-funded council office to plan illegal protests.

His Facebook rant led to the BCC’s Councillor Conduct Review Panel slapping him with the fine.

Now CCRP is some sort of kangaroo court set up by the Council to try and control its elected people.

Sri’s civil disobedience has been paying electoral dividends. He retained his Gabba Ward at the March 29 election easily and Labor’s vote continued to be cannibalised by the Greens in inner-city Brisbane.

Sri is probably right in asserting that the CCRP’s ruling would not stand up to a High Court challenge over freedom of political communication, which is protected in the Australian Constitution - unless you are pro-life, but that’s another story.

He says he won’t pay the fine.

But if the Greens were going to be consistent about free speech – a precious freedom for which Sri is prepared to thumb is nose at the CCRP over – they would respect all freedom of political communication.

The Greens might be the party, along with Labor, wanting to save the common Black Throated Finch from the Adani coal mine development.

But when it comes to those who wish to protest Green-Labor abortion-to-birth policies, the Greens want the jackboots sent in.

That’s because there is one rule for them and another for the pro-life community, whom they despise.

Under Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s law, anyone caught praying or protesting even silently outside an abortion mill is to be fined.

Anyone who tries what Sri did, and refuses to pay the fine, will go to jail.

Unlike climate protestors, pro-life advocates don’t block traffic or superglue themselves to roads.

But Sri will abuse the police for trying to clear the roads while at the same time supporting the police arresting peaceful pro-life protestors quietly assembled on a public footpath.

You will never see the Greens support the right to protest on behalf of unborn babies and the harm caused to their mothers. You will never see the Greens stand up for human life, they are the party of abortion and euthanasia. They are the party of death.

The Greens and their fellow travellers in Labor are hypocrites.