If you thought One Nation was conservative, think again

Pauline Hanson has attracted support from conservative voters who are rightly disillusioned with the Liberal and National Parties. But many may not have realised that One Nation does not hold their conservative values or principles.



If you thought One Nation was a conservative party, think again

 Conservative voters who thought Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was conservative should think again, according to Conservative Party Senate candidate Lyle Shelton.

Senator Hanson’s support for doctor assisted suicide and changing the role of the territories is further evidence that One Nation is not based on conservative principles.

“Senator Hanson has played an important role in articulating many legitimate grievances Australians have with the major parties,” Mr Shelton said.

“However, she sadly lacks a coherent and principled policy platform.

“Conservative voters expect conservative parliamentarians to uphold the dignity of human life and not allow the abuses that have occurred in the small number of countries where euthanasia has been legalised.

“Conservatives also expect conservatives to uphold our federation, not seek to radically re-shape the role of the territories.”

Mr Shelton said if the territories wanted to legislate on life and death matters like euthanasia they should pursue statehood first, not use their small unicameral legislatures for social experimentation.

For the first time at the next election, voters will have the option of voting for Conservative Party Senators who have a clear and principled conservative framework.

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