It's okay to like Lauren Southern

Here's what I thought after meeting Lauren Southern.

As someone who is only just learning about “alt media”, I’m heartened by its ability to by-pass the mainstream media and challenge dominant assumptions.

I had never heard of YouTube citizen journalist Lauren Southern until I was asked to share the platform with her at a Young Conservatives North Queensland event in Cairns this week.

“Far right”, “alt right”, “divisive” and “controversial” are just some of the labels she attracts from the mainstream media.

Slurs and labels are often used by people who are too intellectually lazy to engage the substance of an argument. The media use them to poison the subject in the minds of their readers, viewers or listeners.

The New Zealand Government banned her. She is also refused entry into the United Kingdom.

She was only given access to Australia after her tour organisers, Axiomatic Events, went public to complain that a months-long visa process still had not been granted.

The day after the public exposure, a visa materialised. Coincidence? We may never know.

Her views are deemed dangerous by elites.

In Googling her as part of my due diligence before accepting the invitation, I discovered she had called Mohammed gay and transgender and that she had tried to stop boatloads of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean from entering Europe.

I would not use such tactics but sometimes there is a place for provocateurs.

Someone has to break convention and yell out “the emperor has no clothes”.

I also discovered she had produced a very good documentary on the violence against white South African farmers called Farmlands.

Instead of a blond Pauline Hanson, I found an articulate, coherent and well-educated 24-year-old.

Her concern is that multi-culturalism fails when people who do not respect the host country’s language, rule of law, freedoms and democracy refuse to assimilate.

This of course is not most migrants.

However, in Europe there are areas where the number of Muslims have edged out the Europeans and pressure is building for Sharia law.

There are no go zones for non-Muslims in some European cities.

Southern is warning that if this trend continues, the West will lose its culture.

She told the Cairns forum that Europe was perhaps 50 years away from this and Australia around 100.

Better to deal with this trend now and peacefully rather than wait for tensions to boil over.

She says we should care about whether or not our free western culture will still exist for our grandchildren.

The doctrine of multi-culturalism encouraged the idea that all cultures were equal when this is clearly not the case.

Very few cultures if any outside the West value freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law.

If those cultures are encouraged to retain their anti-freedom tendencies when they come here, what happens when we become the minority?

If we couldn’t find love of country and love of our culture and the strength to defend our values, we would inevitably lose these things, Southern said.

Sounds reasonable.

We’ve been fed a diet of cultural self-loathing by our elites for decades.

That’s why it was provocative for Southern to walk of the airplane wearing a T-shirt with the words: “It’s okay to be white”.

That we had to even stop and think about whether or not it was appropriate for such a T-shirt to be worn just goes to show how toxic politically correct thinking has seeped into our minds.

Meanwhile, the Cairns crowd clearly shared a latent anxiety for the type of country Australia is becoming.

The fear of being labelled a racist for articulating these concerns is palpable for these people and they are tired of it.

In response to this anxiety, Calvary Christian Church pastor James MacPherson, issued a pertinent challenge.

If people cared about their Judeo-Christian culture they should start attending church again and drinking from the well from where the virtues that have made our nation great came.

For people who were looking to politics alone to fix their problems, this was a timely wake-up call.

A greater threat than Islam is good old-fashioned Godlessness which fosters materialism and selfishness.

In my view, that is eroding what is good about our culture faster than even multi-culturalism and Islam.

But not many see. It is easier to blame migrants.

When fellow anglosphere family countries like New Zealand and the United Kingdom ban someone like Southern, ordinary people are right to be concerned and even angry.

Who are these people who think Southern should be no-platformed in what used to be free countries?

Will Australia follow in killing free speech?

A revolution against debate-stifling political correctness is underway.

The Young Conservatives North Queensland are playing an important role in lighting this fire.

It’s not a revolution against people.

It’s a revolution against the pressure to shut up about legitimate and deeply held concerns.

It’s time more of us broke the shackles of fear joined the rebellion.