Like BLM, another agenda flies under the rainbow flag

Like BLM, another agenda flies under the rainbow flag

The lies of “marriage equality” shine brighter each day.

It’s been long official but hiding in plain sight.

Australians voting in the 2017 same-sex marriage postal plebiscite were duped.

Actually, they were lied to.

The Yes campaign and their noisy rainbow-flag-waving storm troopers didn’t go away after their victory, as most Australians hoped.

For the past two-and-a-half years radical rainbow political activists have kept their campaign going. Immediately after the vote, they doubled down on their push to rainbow wash Australia starting with the indoctrination of children through so-called “safe schools”.

Gender fluid indoctrination of children is now compulsory in most states including in Liberal party-governed states like NSW which have tried to stamp it out.

Flattening the coronavirus curve has been easier than ridding schools of the radical rainbow sex and gender-fluid virus.

Australians allowed their federal Marriage Act to be up-ended because they were told the only people affected would be the loving same-sex couple getting “married”.

Some of us saw through this and knew that more lay beneath the surface. We tried to warn politicians and the public.

In the same way the Black Lives Matter protests are a proxy for using Marxism to tear down Western Civilisation, the so-called “marriage equality” campaign was and is a proxy for similar if not the same forces.

Globally the push to redefine marriage was backed by the likes of George Soros, a prominent bankroller of anti-West, anti-freedom and anti-free market causes.

Australia's Yes campaign morphed into a standing activist group called Equality Australia which is run by Anna Brown, OAM, the co-chair of the plebiscite’s Yes campaign.

Whenever the No campaign, of which I was a spokesperson, raised the consequences of de-gendering marriage, Brown’s minions - Christine Forster, Alex Greenwich and Rodney Croome - would publicly ridicule us and deny there were any.

Yet this week Anna Brown was on Twitter yet again extolling the virtues of confusing children about their gender in response to a Tasmanian Law Reform Commission report which says they should be allowed to choose their own.

Last month Brown welcomed Victoria following Tasmania’s lead in allowing gender on birth certificates to be fabricated because someone decides to change their gender.

The former “marriage equality” leader tweeted:

No surgery

No medical treatment

A simple process that allows trans & non-binary adults and young people the dignity and respect of recognition as who they are.

But let’s be clear. What this means for women is this:

No privacy in toilets or change rooms and no fairness in sports.

Biological males can now appropriate women’s gender, invade their spaces and take their sporting and career opportunities away from them.

It’s madness.

If Australians knew that the leaders of the “marriage equality” Yes campaign would be advocating such craziness two-and-half years down the track, I bet they would have voted No.

But we’ll never know, because denying this would happen was just one of the many lies told by Brown, Greenwich, Croome and Forster.

When I spoke at the National Press Club in September 2017, I warned that so-called “marriage equality” was not the last frontier of this movement.

You can read my speech along with three chapters on the marriage campaign in my new book, I Kid You Not – Notes From 20 Years in the Trenches of the Culture Wars.