Morrison must protect parents’ rights

We said this would happen.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison must rule out compulsory radical gay sex and gender fluid education for children after the United Kingdom this week trampled parental rights.

The UK Conservative Government is forcing children as young as five to sit through gay sex and transgender indoctrination regardless of what their parents think.

Australian parents should be very concerned.

We warned during the marriage plebiscite that radical gay sex education was next and this is proving true in post-same-sex marriage England.

We’ve seen a pre-cursor of what is to come through the ‘Safe Schools’ program but the trampling of parents’ rights in the UK is something Mr Morrison should rule out here.

I know education is a state issue but the federal government under Malcolm Turnbull legislated the plebiscite result without protecting parents’ rights.

Same-sex marriage activists said no one else’s freedoms would be affected by the change in the law. Clearly that is a lie and the federal government must move to protect freedom of speech, freedom of religion and parents’ rights.

These freedoms are too important to be kicked down the road until after the election.