Net zero imperils our national security

Net zero imperils our national security

No cost-benefit, no clue.

Senator Matt Canavan is right to resist his own government’s push to net zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2050.

With a weak US President Joe Biden’s strings pulled by the radical left, Australia is sadly following his lead.

And the New South Wales Government, led by energy minister Matt Kean, is hell-bent on closing down all coal-fired power stations, imperilling the energy security of the eastern seaboard.

Kean is even resisting Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s compromise position of having gas replace coal.

No one can tell from where the base-load power required to keep the lights on and people in manufacturing jobs will come.

Canavan is right to point out the obvious problems with a policy of net zero C02 emissions.

“Effectively this is like the 10-year-old kid trying to jump of his parents roof thinking he’s Superman, he doesn’t have the technology to fly and he’s going to fall flat on his face,” he said.

Tomorrow Morrison joins Biden and about 40 world leaders for an online climate summit.

Morrison’s manoeuvring to net zero seems to have been timed to ensure Australia is part of the club.

No cost benefit analysis has ever been done, ordinary people have simply worn the more than doubling of their electricity prices over the last 10 years.

“I’d love to think we could cut our emissions to net zero and not lose a single job in manufacturing and in mining, or have a single farm go bust,” Canavan said.

“But we all know that’s just not realistic.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party continues to strengthen its economy, constructing hundreds of coal-fired power stations as we speak.

No one at the Biden summit will call them out.

Anyone who thinks they will keep their promise to de-carbonise by 2060 should look at their track record.

Ask the Hong Kongese. Ask the Taiwanese.

The CCP is playing us all.

Net zero will not just kill jobs, it is undermining our national security.