Palaszczuk’s reverse racism against white farmers

Indigenous rangers might provide a solution for farmers denied the right to manage vegetation under the Palaszczuk Government’s harsh new laws.

Australian Conservatives spokesman Lyle Shelton said it was ironic that Queensland Labor’s deep green ideology casts farmers as environmental vandals but makes provision for indigenous rangers to manage vegetation.

“Farmers should not be banned from doing what indigenous people are allowed to do under government-funded programs,” Mr Shelton said.

“Farmers and indigenous people are proven managers of the land and both should be allowed to manage vegetation equally.

“It would appear that the Palaszczuk Government has engineered a form of reverse racism by restricting the property rights of white farmers.”

Mr Shelton said farmers might have to resort to calling in indigenous rangers to help with long-established farming practices now banned by the government.

“This is what happens when common sense goes out the window.”