SA Libs trash their brand with abortion-to-birth bill

SA Libs trash their brand with abortion-to-birth bill

The Liberal Party is not of the radical left. – Senator Alex Antic

It’s such a shame that the South Australian Liberal Party is treating an abortion-to-birth bill as if it were essentially a government initiative.

Technically it’s a private members’ bill put forward by Liberal Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink but the Marshall Government is shepherding it through, giving it government time and resources.

Sir Robert, a strong advocate of the family, would be turning in his grave.

But not all SA Libs have lost the plot.

Senator Alex Antic has appealed to his colleagues to drop the bill, rightly saying it was “brutal”.

He said the Liberal Party "which I know" is not "of the radical left".

Meanwhile, mainstream media was up in arms this week about a pro-life sign outside an Adelaide Catholic Church.

For all the huffing and puffing about how “inappropriate” and “misleading” it was, no argument was put forward as to why the sign was “inappropriate” and “misleading”.

The sad reality is the sign is 100 per cent truthful.

When people can’t engage a rational argument they resort to emotion and euphemisms.

But none of this explains why a baby, such as the one pictured, should have his or her life taken.

The abortion-to-birth bill will be debated next week.

The Australian Christian Lobby has more excellent information, including what SA residents can do at this link.

The Liberal National Party here in Queensland is overwhelmingly pro-woman and pro-life. Just three State MPs voted for Labor’s abortion-to-birth bill when it passed in 2018.

The LNP took a policy to last October’s election to review the law, the first step forward in human rights policy for the unborn taken by a major political party.

It’s important that South Australians don’t lose hope in the Liberals and that they get behind people like Senator Antic.

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