Fraud allegations deserve their day in court

US election fraud allegations deserve to be heard in court

The worst thing for America and the West would be the failure to clearly and publicly have explained the statistically implausible result achieved by Biden.

This is a disturbing time in the history of the West.

The outcome of the Presidential election for the world’s most powerful nation, the United States of America, remains in limbo notwithstanding today’s decision in the US Supreme Court.

I’ll come to that shortly.

This of course matters for Australia. As Professor David Flint has pointed out, if Biden does move into the White House, expect a return to the Obama era policies of managed decline of the US military and economy.

The vacuum of course will be filled by an aggressive and assertive Chinese Communist Party, whose People’s Liberation Army navy is now the world’s biggest.

Expect the invasion of Taiwan. Expect more pressure on Australia to become a vassal of the CCP.

The election outcome also matters for Australia because Biden and Harris will step up the left’s prosecution of the culture wars which hurt society’s most vulnerable.

They are aggressively against human rights for unborn children, and pressure will also come on Australia to give more money to international efforts to expand abortion in poor countries.

They are enthusiasts for the radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid agenda, despite it being rebuffed by the United Kingdom High Court as harmful to children.

Don’t expect freedom of speech or religion under a Biden administration, the new breed of Democrats are hostile and intolerant.

All of these radical positions only embolden leftist activists in countries like Australia. America leads, others follow.

The legal action brought by the State of Texas (joined by 17 others) to examine whether or not laws governing the conduct of the election were broken in key battleground states, has today been refused a hearing by the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

Despite what the mainstream media are saying, this is not the end of the line but it is close to it.

Time and options are running out for Donald Trump whose legal team has brought forward mountains of evidence of electoral fraud.

Most of this information has been suppressed by the MSM, who simply dismiss it as “baseless”.

This is the same MSM which now has egg all over its faces for supressing revelations of Hunter Biden’s dodgy dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and his father Joe’s lies about knowledge of it.

They are now only reporting the story after an official investigation into Hunter was announced this week.

The US public have been served badly by a corrupt MSM running a protection racket for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Why should anyone believe anything they say?

The Australian media with some exceptions, most notably commentators on Sky News, have taken their cue from their US counterparts.

Despite the odds against them, Trump’s lawyers, led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani continue to run cases through the courts with the aim of finding another pathway to the SCOTUS.

Giuliani is right to seek court hearings where team Trump’s allegations can be tested. Surely that is in everyone’s interest, including Biden’s.

The worst thing for America and the West would be the failure to clearly and publicly have explained the statistically implausible result achieved by Biden.

The allegations of fraud are credible, they are not baseless and they should be heard.

Again, the brilliant David Flint spells many of them out in this week’s Spectator.

I defy anyone to read his piece and maintain there are not big problems with the election.

Whether the decline of the West, momentarily interrupted by Trump, continues depends on what happens over coming days.

Also at stake is the freedom of speech and religion of millions of people who will not bow to the harmful Biden/Harris rainbow view of the world - not to mention the succour the Democrats will give to the abortion mills.

Lyle Shelton is the author of I Kid You Not, Notes From 20 Years In The Trenches Of The Culture WarsYou can order your copy here.