Free speech goes to QCAT next Tuesday

Free speech goes to QCAT next Tuesday

They've finally made their next move. Here’s the latest on the drag queens' lawsuit against me.

Next Tuesday at 1:30pm I am being dragged against my will before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

If I don’t go, I’ll be fined. If I don’t pay the fine, jail awaits.

So for the second time since August, I must attend a compulsory meeting with my accusers – two taxpayer-funded anti-free speech drag queens.

My alleged crime? I “vilified” them by writing a blog in January 2020 where I said they were dangerous role models for children.

One is an advocate of harmful gender fluid ideology, the other a keen apologist for the porn trade.

I stand by my original article. They are dangerous role models for children.

If we are not free to say this in Australia anymore, what has become of our nation?

Since dragging me through the Queensland Human Rights Commission (the process is definitely part of the punishment), the drag queens have widened their claim against me asking QCAT to require me to delete six blog posts, impose a gag upon me into the future and pay them $20,000.

Their lawyers, the LGBT Legal Service, received $409,000 from the pockets of Queensland taxpayers since 2017, according to their 2018/19 annual report.

Curiously, the 2019/20 report has not yet been placed on their website, something which generally occurs each December.

It would be interesting to know if more taxpayer cash has been handed over.

My lawyers are the not-for-profit Human Rights Law Alliance and they receive no public funding.

My legal defence is entirely crowd-funded, supported by more than 600 Australians who are fighting with me for free speech.

Like last August’s compulsory conciliation in the QHRC, QCAT will on Tuesday allow me the opportunity to make an opening statement.

I don’t really have much more to add from my August opening statement which you can read here.

Nothing has changed. Free speech remains in peril from people who, instead of engaging in debate, use flawed anti-discrimination laws to silence legitimate public discussion.

Why do the intellectual heavy lifting when the law allows you simply to try and cancel your opponent?

Their only attempt at public debate was to run to an activist journalist at the Courier Mail and assert that I had written “degrading and dehumanising” things on my blog about them.

They gave no examples of “degrading and dehumanising” things I was supposed to have said and didn’t seek to defend their advocacy of gender fluid ideology or the porn trade.

“We have a right to perform, regardless if it’s to children or adults,” the homosexual drag queen Diamond Good-Rim, whose name refers to an obscene gay sex act, told the Courier Mail.

Most parents would disagree.

The aim of this latest “compulsory conference” is to try and resolve the matter without further legal process.

Our anti-discrimination laws are deeply flawed allowing activists who feel offended to instigate lengthy and expensive lawsuits to silence their opponents; all-the-while they suck on the taxpayer teat.

I believe most Australians still believe in free speech. I believe if the Australian public knew what was going on in relation to my case, and others with which the HRLA is dealing, they would be appalled.

I’d be grateful for your prayers.

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