If Sport Australia won’t protect women and girls’ sport, it should be defunded

If Sport Australia won’t protect women and girls’ sport, it should be defunded

When World Rugby found that females were at hugely increased risk of serious head injuries when playing against transwomen, Sport Australia dismissed it. When peer reviewed research was released demonstrating the advantages males have over females, even after testosterone suppression, Sport Australia ignored it. – Senator Claire Chandler

THOUSANDS of mainstream Australians admire Liberal Senator Claire Chandler.

She stands up in Parliament and says women and girls’ sport should be protected from the intrusion of biological males identifying as women.

Everyone with a brain agrees.

Yet her own Morrison Government ignores her commonsense pleading for the taxpayer-funded $419 million a year Sports Australia to act.

The sports minister, fellow Tasmanian Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck, does nothing.

But why would anyone expect him to? His first act as sports minister in 2019 was to issue transgender guidelines for women and girls’ sports.

He’s since sought to distance the Morrison Government from the Human Rights Commission rules he launched but has done nothing to rescind them.

What is the point of a conservative Liberal-Nationals government if it won’t act?

The radical left and the mainstream media would go into apoplexy if they did but so what? Mainstream Australians everywhere would cheer and the issue would be over in a day.

But sadly in every educational body from kindergarten to the Australian Institute of Sport, LGBTIQA+ genderfluid ideology rules.

The setting of genderfluidity in cement was one of the by-products of the same-sex marriage, which abolished the gender diversity requirement in the Marriage Act.

So it is left to Senator Chandler to tread where timid Morrison Government ministers won’t.

In yet another speech to the Senate this week, she revealed that the UK Sports Council has done what Sport Australia won’t.

It found:

  • Categorisation within the sex binary is and remains the most useful and functional division relative to sporting performance.
  • Competitive fairness cannot be reconciled with self-identification into the female category.
  • Based upon current evidence, testosterone suppression is unlikely to guarantee fairness between transgender women and natal females.

No kidding. You don’t need a degree in sports science to know this stuff.

Boys and girls, men and women are different. And by the way, water is wet.

Yet Senator Chandler can’t get past first base in a conservative government with a Christian Prime Minister.

Of the UK Sports Council’s work, Chandler says: “These findings are in direct contradiction to Sport Australia's submission that women's sport should be based on gender identity rather than sex. What did Sport Australia have to say about the UK findings when they were asked by the media for comment? Absolutely nothing.”

If Sport Australia won’t do its job, it should be de-funded.

Sadly it may take future legal action from the family of a brain damaged girl to prod Sport Australia into re-thinking its “inclusion” policy.

Ideally, the Morrison Government should do its job before it comes to this.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.