It’s not just Barnaby, Trump is also back

It’s not just Barnaby, Trump is also back

The return of Trump and Joyce offers a glimmer of hope in the war against woke.

TRUMP is back.

He lacks public grace, is narcissistic and mean to his enemies.

These are not Christian virtues and I have never sought to gloss over character.

But we forget the credible rape allegations against Bill Clinton and JFK’s prostitutes in the White House. Poor Hillary, poor Jackie.

But it’s the Trump Movement’s policies and energy that the West needs to arrest its spiralling decline.

In his come-back rally in Wellington Ohio at the weekend, Trump finished a rambling 90-minute speech with a brilliant rhetorical flourish pointing the way out of our woke wilderness.

  • Break up the big tech monopolies of Facebook and Google
  • Restore free speech
  • Protect innocent life (eg the unborn)
  • Bring back Judeo-Christian principles
  • Secure the border
  • Restore patriotic education where children are taught to love their country, honour our history and respect the flag
  • Restore the right of people to speak and pray as they see fit

To hear this being articulated with courage and passion was tonic.

What Australian politician openly espouses these values and fights for them?

No-one in Labor or the Greens. They are against pretty much all of this.

The occasional Liberal makes a timid foray, but few sustain the debate publicly.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a promising crack but then his education minister released a toxic woke national curriculum and more gender fluid nonsense.

It’s hard to know what the Coalition in Canberra stands for.

The closest is Barnaby Joyce, who last week returned to the leadership of the Nationals and the Deputy PM’s job.

He is one of the few politicians espousing the ideas of love of nation, repudiation of woke and cancel culture, freedom of speech and religion, human rights for the unborn, energy security, increased defence capability, paying back our debt and importantly - standing up to the Chinese Communist Party.

This is the political package that can turn Australia, the US and the West around.

But in the US it is opposed by the “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) Republicans against whom Trump is on the war path.

Here in Australia the term LINO (Liberal in Name Only) applies but they self-identify as “modern Liberals”. Included with them are the NSW Nationals who recently preselected a former party hack working as a lobbyist for a CCP-controlled company to guaranteed spot in the Senate at the next election.

They passed over former deputy PM John Anderson, a man of unblemished integrity and not afraid to call out the CCP, in favour of this creature of the political establishment.

Go figure.

The modern Liberals and NSW Nats’ espousal of, or complicity with, vandalising our energy security with wind turbines and solar panels, gender-fluid and critical race theory in schools and their opposition to fixing freedom of speech and religion put them a million miles from Liberal party founder Sir Robert Menzies.

The RINOs in the US are in league with the Democrats and together they are the swamp.

In Australia the modern Liberals and the NSW Nationals work with the Greens and Labor to push energy policy which undermines our national security and social policy which harms the vulnerable.

Here the swamp is called the “Canberra bubble”.

Their power is immense. Just ask John Anderson, George Christensen, Amanda Stoker and Eric Abetz.

Three of the above conservatives recently lost pre-selections that on merit they should have easily won. Christensen is throwing in the towel at the next election saying there’s no room for a conservative agenda in Canberra.

A rare bursting of the bubble was Saturday’s Northern Territory Country Liberal Party Senate pre-selection win of conservative Aboriginal woman Jacinta Price.

There is hope.

The return of Trump is important. He has not given up on draining the swamp and he will make sure the RINO’s are banished at the 2022 mid-term elections.

He drives the mainstream media nuts by continually claiming the November 3 election was stolen and repeated this at the weekend.

The media continue to say those claims are “baseless” but they refuse to ventilate evidence as John Anderson did on his podcast earlier in the year with historian and political commentator Victor David Hansen.

The author of The Case For Trump told Anderson that “there are anomalies (with the November 3 Presidential election) no-one can explain”.

“I truly believe that if there had been a fair vote count according to the rules established by the State legislatures, Donald Trump won that election,” Hanson said.

Yet even the Australian media repeat the mantra, without investigation, that “there is no evidence” of electoral fraud.

I think the day is fast-approaching when the evidence will be in plain sight.

Media and elites who looked the other way will have much more egg on their faces than those who dismissed as “conspiracy” the Wuhan-lab leak theory.

Back here in Australia the return of Barnaby is also important. He is not afraid to burst the Canberra bubble.

Watch the left-wing mainstream and social media setting their hair on fire over both men - and Jacinta for that matter.

Trump and Joyce are flawed, but who of us is worthy to throw stones?

Joyce is arguably more self-aware and humble in his return that Trump.

Australia and the US need their voices and their political cut-through to change the direction of politics.

The Christian Democratic Party is small fry compared to a Joyce. Nonetheless, much of our policy agenda being carried in the mainstream is a vindication of our work.

But this doesn’t mean we can ease off. The CDP and others like Mark Latham are needed.

The swamp/bubble is so powerful, overcoming it requires all of us to sustain our push for change. That’s why the CDP is in the fight. Prayer + action.

But make no mistake, the return of Trump and Joyce offers a glimmer of hope in the war against woke.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. The Reverend Honourable Fred Nile MLC has nominated Lyle to succeed him in the NSW Parliament when he retires in November. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.