Latham bill seeks to protect children from gender-fluid programs, restore parents’ rights

Latham bill seeks to protect children from gender-fluid programs, restore parents’ rights

Same-sex marriage activists mount vicious opposition.

NSW MP Mark Latham is seeking to end harmful gender fluid indoctrination of children at school.

He is being viciously opposed by the same organisation which fought to de-gender marriage, now re-badged as Equality Australia.

News broke last night that the One Nation Upper House MP will lead a public parliamentary inquiry into his Education Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill.

The bill aims to restore parents’ rights to decide whether or not their children are exposed to radical “ideologically-based and political material” in the classroom that is inconsistent with their wishes.

It also seeks to end the anti-scientific teaching of children that their gender is fluid.

Gender fluid programs such as “Safe Schools” and “Respectful Relationships” have masqueraded as laudable anti-bullying programs while sowing the lie that children can change their gender and that this is harmless.

The United Kingdom High Court ruled last month in the Tavistock case that children are not able to give informed consent to dangerous puberty blocking drugs, cross sex hormones and the removal of their breasts or genitals.

Despite this, rainbow gender fluid programs remain compulsory in many states, including Queensland.

Such programs have correlated with a 1700 per cent increase from 2012 to 2019 of children seeking controversial and sometimes irreversible treatments at gender clinics.

This epidemic, which is more contagious in children than coronavirus, is affecting many girls suffering with autism.

During the same-sex marriage debate, the Yes Campaign scoffed at suggestions that gender fluid indoctrination of children would be a consequence of de-gendering marriage.

Now Equality Australia, headed by one of the leading same-sex marriage activists, lawyer Anna Brown, is vehemently opposing Latham’s push to restore parental rights.

The organisation reverts to the familiar LGBTIQA+ political activist playbook to demonise Latham. reports: “Equality Australia has said the bill harms trans and gender diverse students by denying their existence, and preventing teachers and counsellors from supporting them”.

The last thing anyone like Latham would want to do is deny anyone’s existence or harm them, which makes this slur particularly pernicious.

Latham responded by insisting “the rights of transgender students to access support in schools will not be affected by the bill”.

The same-sex marriage ‘Yes’ campaign said Australian’s freedoms would not be affected by the change to the definition of marriage.

However, Brown and Equality Australia have since helped prosecute legal action against Christian schools in an attempt to crush parents’ freedom to have their children instructed in an environment that supports their beliefs on marriage.

Latham’s bill is similar to the Queensland LNP’s policy but sadly doesn’t seem to have the support of the NSW Liberal-National Coalition Government, which has drifted from its values on social policy.

Equality Australia’s aggressive push-back on Latham’s attempt to restore parental rights is further evidence that the Australian people were lied to by the activists running the same-sex marriage campaign.

The ‘Yes’ campaign’s mantra was “love is love” and the only people affected by the change were the couple, they insisted.

The mainstream media has never held them accountable for the lies upon which their campaign was based and they have never asked them to explain why gender fluid programs should continue in the wake of the Tavistock judgement.

That’s why blogs like this are important.

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