Perrottet’s Christian values welcome, but Liberal “moderates” hide in plain sight

Perrottet’s Christian values welcome, but Liberal “moderates” hide in plain sight

It’s the radicals within that make the Liberal Party problematic for Christians.

Dominic Perrottet’s election by the Liberals' party room as leader and therefore Premier of New South Wales puts a genuine social conservative in the State’s top job.

The devout Catholic is a committed family man with six children.

He is pro-life and opposed the abortion-to-birth legislation the Liberals and Nationals facilitated in 2019.

“The unborn also have human rights,” he said at the time.

He's opposed to euthanasia but says that like abortion, it will be a conscience vote.

During the 2017 same-sex marriage campaign he stood up for the true definition of marriage.

However, leadership ballots focus public attention on aspects of the Liberal party normally in the shadows.

The term “moderate” has been bandied around during the past few days.

But don’t be fooled by this warm and fuzzy label for the group of Liberals whose support has put Perrottet in the top job.

If ever there was a misnomer in the Liberal Party it is “moderate”.

These are the people who support abortion-to-birth, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, commercial surrogacy, the prostitution of young women, pornography, radical transgender indoctrination of children in school along with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery for sex-changing minors.

None of these issues play well in Western Sydney where Perrottet’s values are mainstream.

Make no mistake, there is nothing moderate about the “moderates” at all. Their social policy is aligned to the Greens yet they hide in the Liberal party in plain sight.

One of the “moderates”, Attorney-General Mark Speakman, reportedly warned a conference call of “moderate” Liberal MPs on Monday night that the Treasurer would be the “most conservative Premier the state has had since World War II”.

He did not mean that as a compliment. He meant that Perrottet might be a threat to “moderate” social policy.

Unfortunately that is unlikely.

“Moderate” power-broker Matt Kean, whose environmental policies are also closer to the Greens than the Liberals, has helped stitch up the deal to put Perrottet in.

The price he may pay is to self censor on social issues, which is what most conservative Liberals who want to get ahead do. Making the odd statement of belief is generally okay, but most know that seeking to sustain a debate or advocate for reform is verboten. 

While a leader with mainstream Australian family values is certainly positive, it is highly likely the “moderates” will have hamstrung Perrottet’s ability to promote what he truly believes.

Time will tell, I hope I'm wrong.

But this is important background and serves to demonstrate why strong Christian voices are needed in Parliament.

The Liberal party is so infested with and controlled by “moderates” that the Christian voices it has are rarely heard because they are not allowed to speak openly.

This is why the Christian Democratic Party is necessary.

Dom Perrottet and his mainstream family values are certainly welcome in the top job in Macquarie Street.

But the moral corruption in the Liberal party (not to mention Labor and the Greens who are worse) means the CDP’s role will be necessary for decades to come.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.