Teachers told to avoid using words like “boys and girls”

Teachers told to avoid using words like “boys and girls”

“Children should be able to access personal facilities such as toilets and showers and sleep in the same sleeping quarters as other children of their affirmed gender.” – Draft Northern Territory education department guidelines for schools on diverse sex, sexuality and gender identity.

I’ve used these words before, but they bear repeating.

In the final weeks of the 2017 same-sex marriage campaign, prominent homosexual activist Benjamin Law wrote in his Quarterly Essay that redefining marriage was “far from the last frontier in the battle against homophobia”.

Those of us in the Coalition for Marriage who knew Australians were unwittingly about to buy a rolling rainbow surprise of wokeness, warned that freedom of speech was in trouble and indoctrinating children into radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology and sexual concepts was next.

Same sex marriage was never about marriage, it was about new frontiers of re-shaping Australia starting with your children.

For goodness sake, Law, a prominent ABC personality, was telling us even as the leaders of the same-sex marriage campaign denied it, brainwashing a nation with the vague phrase “love is love”.

Fast forward to today’s Australian newspaper which carries details of bizarre draft guidelines for schools being worked up by the Northern Territory’s education department.

There’s a threshold question, which after four years of same-sex marriage, is not even considered.

Why on earth do little children need to be taught about “diverse sex, sexuality and gender identity” at school?

The Australian has published excerpts from this consultation paper.

Using gendered language such as ‘girls and boys’ or ‘ladies and gentlemen’ confirms gender stereotyping and roles and can be alienating for gender-questioning and gender-diverse children.

Avoid this by using vocabulary such as ‘students’, ‘class’, ‘crew’, ‘everyone’, ‘people’ or ‘year X’ that are more inclusive.

Many transgender and gender-diverse children often withdraw from taking part in sport and physical activities because they feel highly uncomfortable or are forced into teams that do not match their gender identity.

Swimming and aquatic ­activities or any other sport where tight-fitting clothing is worn can be unsettling for children who identify as a gender different from their physical attributes. Schools should be flexible with regard to clothing type and participation.

When considering school excursions including overnight stays, the teacher in charge of the excursion should consult with LGBTQI students, parents and support teams to confirm preferences.

Children should be able to access personal facilities such as toilets and showers and sleep in the same sleeping quarters as other children of their affirmed gender. However, any child who is LGBTQI and who has a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason, should be provided with reasonable personal facilities and accommodation options, which may include a private room.

If a child, or their peers, do not agree that they would feel safe and comfortable sharing, seek alternative solutions and acknowledge that this is an indication of possible exclusionary behaviour and potential bullying towards the LGBTQI child.

Have a process in place, such as monitoring interactions or swapping out children who feel uncomfortable, to reduce the likelihood of ongoing bullying.

Educating children and parents about human rights and discrimination is a good first step to avoiding concerns. Also, emphasise that the safety and wellbeing of … every child takes priority.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer each day why rainbow elites must shut down people like Katherine Deves, the Liberal candidate for Warringah.

Deves is the founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia and has warned that children are being mutilated by so-called gender-affirming surgery.

If people like Deves are silenced the woke rainbow bureaucrats who came up with the NT education departments draft guidelines for indoctrinating children at school get a free run.

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