They are coming for your children

They are coming for your children

During the same-sex marriage debate, the Yes campaign promised children would not be indoctrinated into radical LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid ideology as a consequence. Then this happened…

No one has the right to teach children that chemical and surgical castration and bodily mutilation might be for them.

But that’s what yesterday’s fuss at the New South Wales Parliament was all about.

Radical LGBTIQA+ rainbow political activists yelled and disrupted a public inquiry underway in the Macquarie Room.

Cries of “bigot” rang out, their go to slur.

The Parliament was examining One Nation leader Mark Latham’s Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill.

The bill aims to allow parents to withdraw their children from classes pushing ideologies with which they might disagree.

Who could argue with that?

The bill also aims to outlaw teaching children that their gender is fluid. Again, a proposition most parents would breathe a sigh of relief at.

The NSW government junked the gender-fluid “Safe Schools” program years ago but education bureaucrats backed by rainbow activists continue to smuggle it into the classroom.

Clearly school is not the place to indoctrinate children into queer theory.

School is not the place to nudge children towards chemical and surgical castration or other forms of bodily mutilation.

If adults want to try and change their gender, that is their choice.

But the rainbow political movement, which said during the 2017 plebiscite there would be no such consequences from de-gendering marriage, is hell-bent on indoctrinating your children.

That’s what the bullies were fighting for.

They want children to have the right, with or without parental consent, to take puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and have surgery to alter their bodies. Irreversibly. For life.

If you doubt this, read the words on the rainbow political activist news sites.

Here’s what the leader of yesterday’s stunt, April Holcombe, told the Sydney Star Observer about the Latham bill: “ actually gives conservative parents the right to withdraw students from any class about sexuality or religion that they deem to be against their own beliefs. We need to remember that children have their own rights and are not just the property of their parents.”

Let that sink in.

In the wonderful world of rainbows and unicorns, parents have no right to guide their children away from life-long infertility and the surgical removal of breasts and genitalia.

The other lie told by the protestors is that Latham’s bill makes it “a sackable offence for teachers to support trans students.”

What rubbish.

Who would want to sack any teacher for supporting a vulnerable student?

Outlawing the teaching of harmful gender fluid ideology is an entirely different proposition to supporting a child who might be confused about his or her gender.

But lies and distortion is the rainbow political movement’s stock in trade.

For seeking to apply the reason of a parliamentary inquiry to the proposition that gender-fluid indoctrination of children should be banned, Mark Latham is labelled a “bigot”.

“You are nothing but a thug, and a bigot, that doesn’t represent anyone but yourself and a tiny minority of bigots in this society,” Holcombe yelled in contempt of the public hearing.

Gender-fluid ideology is spreading through our schools like a coronavirus and the rainbow political movement wants to keep the pandemic going.

Its consequences are far more harmful to young people than Covid-19 ever will be, as the rapidly growing movement of people de-transitioning will testify.

Now more than ever, leaders need to stand up and resist the rainbow political bullies. Latham must not be left on his own. For kids’ sake.

Lyle's book, I Kid You Not - Notes from 20 years in the Trenches of the Culture Wars, charts the rise of gender fluid ideology in schools. You can order your copy here.