Watch and pray - it's not over

Watch and pray – it’s not over

Whenever the mainstream media say “nothing to see here, move on”, I immediately smell a rat.

I get that Donald Trump’s character is problematic. Very.

I wish people applied the same standard to Bill Clinton, the subject of serious rape allegations, and John F Kennedy, who regularly had prostitutes in the White House. Both seem to get a leave pass.

Joe Biden has also been given a leave pass over his apparent lies about his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in Ukraine and with the Chinese Communist Party, all laid bare on his laptop hard drive.

None of this is to excuse Trump, it is to illustrate that character is a massive problem in politics everywhere – including Australia as we’ve seen again this week.

Certainly Trump’s narcissism and bullying of political opponents on Twitter is inexcusable. He has been a very imperfect President. He does not practice Christian humility nor does he show grace.

Sadly not many in politics do – most are simply good at faking it.

But, and there is a but – Trump has provided a reprieve from an onslaught of evil. No President has highlighted the plight of the unborn the way Trump has along with Vice-President Mike Pence.

He has stood up for religious freedom and pushed back on the diabolical transgender indoctrination of children.

The Supreme Court now has judges who will uphold the constitution, not bend it undemocratically to make laws that suit the radical Left.

He has stood up to the evil (there’s that word again) Chinese Communist Party which is currently persecuting Christians and Muslims brutally.

All this is why the mainstream media and the Leftist elites hate him. They despise him. It’s irrational, it’s deranged but they do.

They love Biden and Harris even more. Biden mentioned transgender in his victory speech at the weekend – something that should send a chill down the spine of every parent who doesn’t want their kids indoctrinated into gender fluid ideology at school.

Biden has already said he will immediately restore funding to US aid programs which help poor women kill their unborn babies, something Trump stopped on his second day in office back in 2016.

All this is why I’ve been so fixated with the drama of the US election. The media and the now radically Left-wing Democratic Party were quick to conduct a coronation for Joe Biden and his hard-Left running mate Kamala Harris.

Biden is not the US President-elect. Several states have yet to certify their elections.

Since former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson released an interview last weekend with an academic who claimed Biden’s win is likely fraudulent, I have been watching the evidence mount.

Will it be enough to get Trump over the line? I don’t know.

Whenever the mainstream media say “nothing to see here, move on”, I immediately smell a rat.

They have not wanted to even investigate allegations of electoral irregularities.

Here are just some:

  • The Dominion voting machines flipping hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden;
  • The illegal barring of Republican party scrutineers from watching the count, something unthinkable in Australia;
  • Thousands of voters from interstate illegally voting in Nevada and Georgia;
  • Mysterious early morning dumps of tens of thousands of votes – all for Biden, none for Trump;
  • Evidence of thousands of dead people voting in key battleground states.

Despite all this, mainstream media in the US and Australia repeat the mantra that the claims are “baseless” and there is “no evidence”.

Instead of pontificating, the media should do their job.

Yet Trump’s lawyer, former New York Mayor and successful Mafia prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, continues to file lawsuit after lawsuit in the contested states putting forward the evidence.

Instead of engaging his arguments, the media have run a relentless campaign of demonisation against the hero of 9/11.

But there are signs the Left is starting to get worried.

It will now be to the courts to adjudicate, as they should.

Trump may still lose but he is entitled to have these claims tested. That is in everyone’s interest, otherwise American elections run the risk of becoming like Zimbabwe’s.

What I do know is that if he loses, the persecution of Christians and conservatives will accelerate.

Biden is just a puppet for the radicals who run the Democratic Party – Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

They are all abortion-to-birth radicals and think Christians are bigots.  They do not support Christians’ right to free speech or freedom of religion.

A saving grace might be Republican control of the Senate putting a brake on their extremism.

Much hinges on what happens over the next few weeks as the court cases play out.

My advice is to watch and pray. It’s not over.

Lyle Shelton is the author of I Kid You Not, Notes From 20 Years In The Trenches Of The Culture WarsYou can order your copy here.