Why we stand up to China but kowtow to the rainbow bullies

Why we stand up to China but kowtow to the rainbow bullies

Rainbow activists have more power over our government than Communist China.

Rainbow political activists seem to be winning their war to keep the ethics of controversial gender fluid treatment on children away from the public gaze.

The Communist Party of China would love to know their secret.

Rainbow lobbyists have successfully warded our government off investigating their opaque practices on children at a time when the CCP can’t get Australia to back-down on its calls for a probe into the origins of Wuhan virus.

Health Minister Greg Hunt appears to be appeasing rainbow gender clinics promoting the so-called “affirmation” model which treats children who feel they have been born in the wrong body with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and even surgery.

Bernard Lane in the Weekend Australian reports that Mr Hunt wrote to state health ministers yesterday urging them “to make sure controversial transgender treatments in their children’s hospitals are consistently high standard and involve counselling, safeguards and long-term tracking of outcomes”.

Sadly, all this does is further legitimises the controversial practices and does nothing to address the ethical issues.

Last year 200 doctors urged Hunt to bring these practices out into the light through a parliamentary inquiry but rainbow activists pushed back hard and Hunt has now quashed the idea.

With biology-denying rainbow gender-fluid ideology now riddled through state health departments and universities, the chances of health ministers doing anything other than “noting” Hunt’s letter Yes Minister style are Buckley’s and none.

Professor of paediatrics, Dr John Whitehall told Lane he had no confidence the states would act.

“If they didn’t raise ethical questions before, they’re not going to raise ethical questions now.

“(Any inquiry) has to be public, and it has to have people who are independent, otherwise there will be no public confidence in it, it will just be rubber-stamping.”

In Labor States like Queensland and Victoria, where hard-left figures like Jackie Trad and Daniel Andrews are signed-up members of the gender fluid ideology club, there is no chance.

And there is simply a lack of courage in even the Liberal states to confront this, particularly since the same-sex marriage plebiscite delivered enormous political and cultural power to rainbow activists who have made it clear their next battle is indoctrinating children.

It is ironic that at a time when Australia is showing enormous courage and resolve in calling for a transparent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus crisis from China, the Health Minister is unable to instigate an independent inquiry into the ethics of treating children with irreversible chemicals and life-altering surgery.

A totalitarian streak has always run through the rainbow flag.

Meanwhile, The Weekend Australian posted a powerful YouTube video from Elle Palmer, a young woman who as a teenager took testosterone because she was distressed about her developing body.

“Imagine how many girls have felt uncomfortable in their female bodies before growing into them and becoming strong confident women who are happy with themselves," she courageously says.

"This is how it used to be before dysphoria was medicalised – before women were told they could become men.”

It is worth watching her 10-minute presentation about her experiences.

A public inquiry of the type the rainbow lobby has just stymied would allow women like Elle who have been damaged by society’s sexualisation of girls and the rainbow movement’s lies about gender to tell their stories.