Silence as queer gender benders mutilate children

Children as young as 10 are being put on puberty blocker drugs to halt growth of ‘distressing’ sex characteristics such as breasts. – The Australian

“This is a crime,” tweeted aboriginal leader Warren Mundine.

And he’s right.

Like him, I refuse to not be shocked by the on-going revelations of the mutilation of children’s bodies on the bloody altar of our new rainbow gender fluid cult.

Yesterday The Australian published yet another story by Bernard Lane investigating the gender clinic at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, where activist director, Doctor Michelle Telfer, is seeking permanent funding so she can perform double mastectomies on girls and castrations on boys.

“Children as young as 10 are being put on puberty blocker drugs to halt growth of ‘distressing’ sex characteristics such as breasts, followed by cross-sex hormones,” Lane wrote.

This was the line that prompted the Mundine tweet.

But where is the moral compass of the rest of Australia?

Political and church leaders remain largely silent as the consequences of our decision in 2017 to de-gender marriage mean a scalpel is taken to the breasts of schoolgirls and the genitals of schoolboys.

Silence is a bad habit we need to break. For our kids’ sake.

Gender clinics, like the one at Royal Children’s, are experiencing an epidemic of children presenting who are confused about whether or not they are a boy or a girl.

No one should be surprised.

Since the embrace of the LGBTIQ movement in culture and politics, culminating in the same-sex marriage vote, rainbow activists have stepped up their push to indoctrinate children into their queer ideology.

Anyone who resists is shouted down as a “bigot”.

People were told same-sex marriage was simply about love. Who could argue with that?

What they were not told is that there was more.

Not only is this movement one of outrageous sexual expressionism (anything goes) but it demands recognition of a parallel universe in which children are taught that gender is on a spectrum, regardless of one’s biology.

Queensland is the latest state to make gender-fluid indoctrination of children compulsory in state high schools, following Victoria, WA and the ACT.

Gender clinics are now dealing with rising demand from children for help with gender dysphoria – confusion about their biological sex. The more this ideology is promoted, the worse the problem will get.

Prior to the rise of rainbow culture, a tiny minority of children suffered gender confusion. Most teachers had never heard of it.

Now almost every school is seeing children confused about their biology. I know of one small country Queensland high school where there were eight students identifying as someone of the opposite sex.

In the past the accepted treatment was “watch and wait”. That is, no puberty blockers, no cross-sex hormones and definitely no irreversible surgery.

The overwhelming majority – usually 80-90 per cent plus – of children would emerge from puberty comfortable with their biological sex. If left alone.

Now the only acceptable form of treatment is the affirmation approach where a confused child must be affirmed in their confusion.

The only acceptable treatment under the affirmation model is social transitioning (wearing the clothes of someone of the opposite sex), puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and ultimately surgery and a life of infertility.

The Palaszczuk Government in Queensland is about to make so-called “gay conversion therapy” illegal.

While it can’t give examples of this actually happening, its legislation captures any medical professional who supresses someone’s “gender identity”.

This means jail time for a medico or counsellor who refuses to affirm the gender confusion and treat according to this protocol.

It’s chilling stuff folks.

Dr Michelle Telfer is seeking future-proofed funding from the Victorian Government for her experimental surgeries on children's breasts and genitals.

Lane reports: “Dr Telfer in October told a conference that The Australian’s reporting of concerns about trans medicine was ‘driven by fear and hate” with the aim to “progress a particular religious and political agenda’. She did not reply when asked what this agenda was.”

That is typical.

Rainbow activists don’t like scrutiny. In fact they despise it and are trying to use “hate speech” laws to shut down debate.

They are even trying to muzzle the media, which is happily complying.

The Australian Press Council has issued guidelines to journalists about how they should cover transgender issues, as Jennifer Oriel’s column in yesterday’s The Australian points out. Queer how Press Council would suppress the truth is a must read for anyone who still believes in freedom of the press.

Oriel details the APC’s guidelines which recommend using “preferred pronouns” of gender confused people and not reporting the truth about their biology.

By embracing the rainbow flag, Australians are now caught in an increasingly totalitarian web.

The aim is to mess with the lives of children with critics banished to either pariah status or jail.

Where are our leaders?

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