Where are our leaders?

Where are our leaders?

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.

These are dark days.

We can’t dodge this fact.

We can no longer avert our eyes.

The defamation of socially conservative Australians and Christians has reached new heights.

Persecution has commenced.

  • Victoria’s pernicious Premier Dan Andrews wants to jail anyone who prays for someone who requests prayer for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.
  • Amnesty International, based on lies, has decreed that Christianity is harmful. Who would have thunk it?
  • A couple have had their daughter forcibly removed from their care by the LGBTIQA+ gender police. Rainbow political activists are seeking a court order to pump testosterone into her body against her parents’ wishes.
  • A Perth couple have been banned from adopting children because they believe the Bible.
  • Ballarat Christian College had to defend itself against legal action demanding it employ a staff member who disagreed with the parent community’s beliefs on marriage. It won’t be the last Christian school in the gun sights of the successor of the same-sex marriage movement, Equality Australia.
  • I am being sued by taxpayer-funded anti-free speech LGBTIQA+ drag queens who are demanding my silence.

All of this is happening in defiance of truths Australians used to take for granted.

Sadly, these days they are undefended truths.

Christians and other socially conservative mainstream Australians are being slurred and presented as a danger to society.

Apart from the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles and NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham, there are virtually no leaders sustaining any sort of defence in public against the onslaught of lies.

For those who attend churches, I will bet London to a brick you won’t hear of any of this tomorrow. Or next Sunday.

Pastors and political leaders everywhere should be raising the alarm about the Victorian “conversion therapy” bill. It should be a matter of prayer and action for every church in the nation.

Queensland and the ACT have already passed similar “gay conversion” therapy laws. The church in Queensland was completely silent, there was hardly a whimper from the ACT churches.

Parents and health professionals are now to be treated like criminals while LGBTIQA+ activists are free to convert our children and ply them with harmful puberty blockers and hormones while conducting irreversible surgery on their breasts and genitalia.

How did it come to this? Why did we allow rainbow activists to bully us into silence?

The sustained silence of the church in the build-up to the 2017 marriage plebiscite is a large part of the answer.

That was when we allowed a line to be crossed, a dam to be breached. Actually, that’s not quite true. Our inability to meet the challenge of the 1960s heterosexual revolution, the harms of which have now spawned the #MeToo movement, is also a big part of the problem.

All Australians of good will should be pushing back on the rainbow political movement’s manipulation of the law to strangulate free speech and experiment on children.

But “she’ll be right” is still the great Australian default.

But she’s not right.

Christian people, who are the canaries in the coal mine of the rainbow left’s newfound and brutish exercise of legal power, are being badly let down by pastors who do not seem to have a theology of political and cultural engagement.

We can’t keep playing Christian games in church trying to get people to heaven when the radical activists are bringing hell to earth.

This will all come across as a bit strong and offensive to some people.

Please hear my heart. I yearn for the church to wake up. I yearn for political and church leaders to speak up and put what our Prime Minister Scott Morrison once called “gender whisperers” back in their place.

Apart from Martyn and Mark, only the radical rainbow left is on the playing field.

We can’t sit back and let another generation be stolen from their parents. We can’t let children be indoctrinated at school and in public libraries by LGBTIQA+ drag queens. We can’t let them be given over to experimental gender therapies.

A day of reckoning is coming. In the meantime, activists are free to deceive and harm children while those who speak up are hauled before the courts.

Australia is better than this. What would our diggers make of what the nation they fought and died for has become?

Where are our leaders? Where is courage?

This last word will sound corny to some, but profound to those who understand the times.

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Lyle Shelton is the author of I Kid You Not, Notes From 20 Years In The Trenches Of The Culture WarsYou can order your copy here.