Consequences? What consequences?

“Now that we have marriage equality, the time is right to examine whether Queensland’s life event registration services meet changing community expectations and the needs of LGBTI Queensland.’’ – Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath

Australians voted Yes in the marriage plebiscite after repeatedly being promised there would be no consequences.

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Why truth should always trump prejudice

I wouldn’t have bothered responding except that such a nonsensical swipe came from a member of Parliament.

Tim Watts is the Labor member for the seat of Gellibrand in Melbourne.

We’ve not met but we have exchanged tweets on several occasions. I enjoy good-natured banter on social media.

Last night I retweeted a link from Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine which showed video footage of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg squirming under questioning about the social media behemoth’s alleged censoring of conservative posts.

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Pre-selection challenge to Turnbull cabinet minister goes to heart of LNP’s mission drift

This is a big story and it goes to the heart of the struggle for the soul of the Liberal National Party.

Toowoomba, Queensland, is the conservative heartland of the LNP where its sitting federal member for the electorate of Groom is cabinet minister John McVeigh.

Prominent LNP party member and respected local businessman Isaac Moody has taken the drastic step of challenging McVeigh’s pre-selection.

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In our current political muddle, we can’t assume anything

Australia faces economic, political and social crises all of which our major parties seem incapable of addressing.

On the economic front, the only thing certain about our energy future is its increasing unaffordability.

As the Prime Minister and Energy Minister beg AGL not to close the massive Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley, its seems like no one has planned how the lights might be kept on.

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Conservative voices return to core values

Originally published in "The Gladstone Observer"

FOR LYLE SHELTON cricket is a metaphor for life and politics.

"This scandal over the weekend has gutted me, the game is centred around sportsmanship and character and our national team has crashed those values," he said.

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Conservative push into NQ

Originally published in the "Daily Mercury"

A NEW party is entering the Queensland political fracas, on a mission to stamp out political correctness and put jobs and coal back on the agenda.

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Why I joined Australian Conservatives

This is an edited copy of the speech given by Lyle Shelton on Sunday February 4, at Fitzy’s, Toowoomba

Thanks Senator Bernardi for that introduction and for your leadership. In just 12 months, you have founded a movement that pundits in Canberra thought was impossible.

It’s a movement that has engaged grassroots conservatives in a way no other party has for decades. Friends we are here today because we believe there is a better way. And Australia desperately needs a better way.

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MIRANDA DEVINE: Onward Christians soldier into politics

ON Sunday, in his hometown of Toowoomba, Lyle Shelton is expected to announce he is joining Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party to run for the Senate.

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Cory Bernardi recruits Lyle Shelton to the Australian Conservatives party

Originally published in "The Australian"

The newest recruit to Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party has channelled US President Donald Trump to declare “Canberra is broken” ahead of his tilt to join the ranks of federal parliamentarians.

Lyle Shelton yesterday stepped down as managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Address to the National Press Club

Abridged version of an address by ACL’s Lyle Shelton to the National Press Club in September 2017.

The same-sex marriage debate is charged with emotion for many people. At the height of the AIDS crisis in 1980s America, when gay men were dying like flies, people representing Christian organisations said some very hateful and hurtful things. It was a generation ago but wounds remain for our friends in the LGBTIQ community.

I want to offer an apology for those wounds. I don't have a black armband view of Christian history. We have a mixed record as people of faith in our dealings with our friends in the same-sex community. Here in Australia, the nuns at St Vincent's hospital pioneered the treatment of AIDs from the first outbreak, lifting water to the lips of victims, in what was a moment of great compassion.

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