Twitter exchange with Cameron Dick sheds no light on $1 billion CQ windmill farm in the coal fields

When I heard Paul Murray on Sky News worked up about the Queensland Government's announcement today of a $1 billion wind farm for Central Queensland, and that all it would produce was three per cent of the State's electricity needs, I became curious.

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Cake maker’s freedom win a challenge for Turnbull, Greens and Labor

After being prosecuted and ordered to undergo re-education for living out his belief that marriage is husband and wife, Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips had a big win overnight in the US Supreme Court.

The 7-2 decision is a victory for common sense.

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ANU's tale of two centres: Yes to Islamic, No to the West

The Australian National University yesterday rejected a centre for the study of Western civilisation despite having a study centre for Arab and Islamic civilisation.

Most Australians would be bewildered by this.

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My interview with Eternity News

Kaley Payne from Eternity News phoned me up this week. You can read her interview with me here. She asked me why I joined Australian Conservatives and why I think the major parties have let us down.

Conservatives welcome Burston split with Hanson on tax

The Conservative Party has welcomed One Nation Senator Brian Burston’s decision to split from Pauline Hanson and support the Government’s company tax cuts.

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Reinstate Ridd

James Cook University should immediately reinstate sacked professor Peter Ridd.

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It's a privilege to accept my party's nomination



26 May 2018 

Lyle Shelton named Australian Conservatives lead senate candidate in Queensland 

Australian Conservatives Leader Senator Cory Bernardi today announced that Lyle Shelton will lead the party’s Queensland Senate ticket.

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The high price of speech

A quiet revolution against the lies buttressed by political correctness is gathering pace.

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One Nation called out for betraying conservative principles

One Nation’s decision to side with Labor and popularist Senate cross-benchers to block the Government’s plan to reward effort through the tax system is disappointing for conservative Queenslanders.

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Peter Costello's budget reality check

“Until we get our spending under control we are not going to be able to pay down our debt.” – Peter Costello


It was great to see Treasurer Scott Morrison putting a 23.9 per cent cap on taxes yesterday.

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