MIRANDA DEVINE: Onward Christians soldier into politics

ON Sunday, in his hometown of Toowoomba, Lyle Shelton is expected to announce he is joining Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party to run for the Senate.

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Cory Bernardi recruits Lyle Shelton to the Australian Conservatives party

Originally published in "The Australian"

The newest recruit to Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party has channelled US President Donald Trump to declare “Canberra is broken” ahead of his tilt to join the ranks of federal parliamentarians.

Lyle Shelton yesterday stepped down as managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Address to the National Press Club

Abridged version of an address by ACL’s Lyle Shelton to the National Press Club in September 2017.

The same-sex marriage debate is charged with emotion for many people. At the height of the AIDS crisis in 1980s America, when gay men were dying like flies, people representing Christian organisations said some very hateful and hurtful things. It was a generation ago but wounds remain for our friends in the LGBTIQ community.

I want to offer an apology for those wounds. I don't have a black armband view of Christian history. We have a mixed record as people of faith in our dealings with our friends in the same-sex community. Here in Australia, the nuns at St Vincent's hospital pioneered the treatment of AIDs from the first outbreak, lifting water to the lips of victims, in what was a moment of great compassion.

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