Peter Costello's budget reality check

“Until we get our spending under control we are not going to be able to pay down our debt.” – Peter Costello


It was great to see Treasurer Scott Morrison putting a 23.9 per cent cap on taxes yesterday.

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Palaszczuk’s reverse racism against white farmers

Indigenous rangers might provide a solution for farmers denied the right to manage vegetation under the Palaszczuk Government’s harsh new laws.

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Bad vibe about restricting farmers’ property rights

Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle would be appalled.

Queensland Labor is doing what socialists do and that is take away property rights. And they do it without paying for it. That is theft.

Every Australian should be worried.

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LNP conservative fail in Groom is a chance for a better way

Conservative voters can send a message to the Liberal National Party at the next election after it yesterday failed to hold sitting Groom MP John McVeigh to account for voting against LNP policy.

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Conservative mission drift as John Howard intervenes on tax

“The most important thing we do as a nation is raise the next generation.” – John Howard


I’m always fascinated when former Prime Minister John Howard intervenes in public policy debates.

The 78-year-old’s wisdom is worth hearing.

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How “termites” are hollowing out the Liberal Party

“…like termites, they’ll get in and they’ll eat us from the inside out…”

These words are from Turnbull Cabinet Minister Michael Sukkar who is valiantly trying to resist the forces of the Left inside the Liberal Party.

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Leaked letter reveals how Peter Dutton is working to crush the conservative revolution in Groom

Australian’s trust of politicians is somewhere slightly above bankers and used car salesmen.

Some would say this is a generous assessment.

It pains me to write this because I believe politics is a noble calling. I want to see the trust rebuilt.

For common sense conservatives, though, disillusionment runs deep.  Time after time politicians who claim to support their values let them down.

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Here’s what The Chronicle is saying about my call for conservatives to be conservatives

In a week where the harmful consequences of redefining marriage are starting to hit children and the privacy rights of women, it is timely that the Toowoomba Chronicle has highlighted my comments about the preselection challenge to Turnbull Cabinet minister John McVeigh (full story below).

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Why the SSM lobby owes a big apology to some brave mums

“No, it is not political correctness gone mad, this is reality. We have just had the biggest debate about marriage equality.” – Qld Education Minister Grace Grace

With these words the Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace yesterday belled the cat on one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the Australian people.

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This pathway to totalitarianism must be reversed

“Diversity” and “inclusion” have come to mean that anyone who does not bow to a politically correct view of the world should be excluded.

The idea that we are all sinners and unless we repent we will go to Hell is not new.

The idea that homosexual practice - along with lying, cheating, not honouring parents etc etc - is sinful is also not new.

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